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A couple will seek out peace and solitude after the loss of their baby. They will search for a new life

away from the city in the wilderness of Maine. As they recover from their emotional loss, they will

be faced with another terrifying obstacle. While exploring a remote property in Maine, the wife

( Helen Stanley ) will be taken by a vicious beast. The husband ( Owen Stanley ) will have to search

the 100 acre remote property for his wife, and attempt to rescue her. What kind of beast will he find in the dark wilderness of Maine? Will he defeat the beast and rescue the love of his life? Or will the vicious beast kill them both? This epic film will have you asking yourself this question, are you willing to die for love?

Special Musical Contributions By:

Debbie Hodges

Carmine Pisano

Andre Nordbladh

Tim Tucker

Oberdan Fratini

Lucio D'Alessandro

Charles Scandura

Ingvi Thor Kormaksson

Christian Heath

Jordan Sinclair

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