Our History


After success with several major industry companies. I decided to branch out. I began this business years ago on Faith. God began to pull on my heart, and I dedicated my life and business completely to Him.


At Wright Music Group we do not welcome any explicit material. We are a family friendly operation offering promotion, and placement opportunities to all without the

scams attached. We are on a mission to

place your music without you having to

spend your life savings on dead end sites.


I have recently decided that everyone deserves the chance to share their voice with the world. I have decided to be a light to all positive genres, and not just Christian music. I am hoping this will plant many seeds that will grow into more than just music sales, and fans.


The music industry might refuse to invest in many indie & christian artists, but I like investing in treasures not made by men. I am on a mission to give you the opportunity you deserve.




Our Expertise


At Wright Music Group we dedicate our prayers, heart, and our 27 years of experience to giving you a trusted outreach
for your Music.



David Wright