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At Wright Music Group we provide a worldwide platform for artists, Producers, and songwriters of all genres not just christian music.


We have provided quality services to the music & film industry since 1999.

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"Owner David O Wright" Hits The Streets Of Maine delivering Food & Paper products to the homes of the oldest population in the USA. A Donation of $1.00 will buy the elderly

1 pack of paper products or a food item. A Special thanks to the Family Dollar for their support and effort during this time of need.

Children are out of school but still working hard!

Creating touching cards for each delivery box.

A Special Warm Thanks to the following Amazing Donors who have answered the call to help the elderly population get the items they need.


John Krueger

Andre Nordbladh

Joy & Pat Flanakin

Jodi Holley

David Nicastro

Sylvia Brooks

Treside Music LLC

John Vanwicklen

Tokunboh latona

Katharine & Brian Payton

Gregg Geil

Rico Dawson

Ken McAnlis

Russell Moreton

Ashley Wright

Keith Fellows

Kimberly Ryan

Peter Rea

Michael Fox

Woods Records

Barry Mangione

Tatiana Mckie

Beautiful Noise Productions

Joy Moyer

Congrats to our Owner

David O Wright!

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